Franklin West

Dr. West received his bachelor’s degree at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in the field of Biology. During his years at “The House,” Dr. West worked in the laboratory of Lawrence Blumer studying mate choice in bean beetles and on predatory wasps. He also participated in summer and winter internships at Princeton University in the laboratory of Jeanne Altmann researching Yellow Baboons and the effects of drought and hierarchy on glucocorticoid levels in males. Once graduating from Morehouse he joined the laboratory of Steve Stice as a PhD student studying regenerative medicine and stem cell biology. Dr. West’s research interests include the study of stem cell plasticity and neural differentiation, yet has focused primarily on germ cell differentiation. Dr. West is interested in cell-cell signaling pathways that result in the specification and differentiation of germ cells with emphasis on meiosis.

Franklin West CV Up-Dated 06/22/2015