Soo Shin, M.S.

Soo is a master’s degree student in the West Lab with the interdisciplinary toxicology program. She graduated from University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biotechnology with an emphasis in Animal Science in 2018. She is extremely interested in how different disciplines of science can be integrated to tackle ongoing problems in the field of science and medicine.

Prior to becoming a college student, Soo spent a couple of years in the workforce to learn more about herself and her passion. She has worked at a wide array of different professions, ranging from a logistics company to a law firm. She found her passion in helping sick animals while working at an animal hospital. As an emergency and exotic hospital, the hospital exposed her to exotic animals (pigs and monkeys) and stressful situations. She has been at the clinician side of therapy, and now she would like to partake in finding a novel treatment. To that end, she is working on a project investigating neural stem cell derived extracellular vesicles as a regenerative therapy in naturally occurring spinal cord injury in dogs.

As an animal lover, she likes to spend time with her 5 dogs back at her home in Suwanee during her free time. When she misses her dogs, she watches videos of puppies and bothers her roommate’s cat. Although she is an animal lover, she is also a people lover. Her passion in helping those with ailments is not limited to animals only. Her other project is to determine whether an alcoholism model can be produced with pigs and to study the effect and manifestation of alcohol intoxication for a better representation of human alcoholism.