Sydney Sneed

Sydney is a graduate student in the West Lab pursuing her master’s degree in animal and dairy science. She graduated from Berry College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis on chemistry. There she developed her interests in research science with a focus on disease treatment and recovery.

Her research in the West Lab will focus on quantifying the results from the porcine stroke models involving the Landrace pig and the Yucatan pig to verify the comparability of the two breeds as research models. She will also be working with her fellow lab peers to continue developing a reliable porcine vascular cognitive impairment model.

In her undergraduate years, Sydney spent the majority of her time working at the Gunby Equine Center caring for the resident herd of 70+ horses. It was there she discovered the need for the research and development of treatments for degenerative diseases. It was also there which she learnt the work ethic which is required to be successful in the animal science field; as well as the extraordinary feeling of accomplishment which comes with improving animal welfare. Outside of work, Sydney served as an active member of the Block and Bridle Club and Alpha Zeta fraternity to contribute to the agriculture community and educate fellow students of its importance.